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Becoming "adults"

I remember listening to Bill Fox(Founder of Forward thinking workplaces) 's recent interview( with Dr. Helena Lass(co-founder and psychiatrist at Wellness Orbit), I was struck with when Dr. Helena said people consider workplaces bit like extensions form the Kindergarten. She said on one hand, people are managed like children in organizations, thinking people don't know how to self manage; on the other hand, people are accustomed and expect to be 'managed' and 'taken care of' like Kindergarten children by the organisations we work for. She said the feeling of 'belonging' and 'safety' can't be outsourced and it is important that we each take responsibility of ourselves to have more awareness and become adults. Then there will be real collaboration.

I loved below article by Natasha Miller Naderi, Founder of Emerge, illustrating the evolution of organizations from a stage of 'Adult-Child', 'Adult-Adolescent' to 'Adult-Adult' relationships.

In order to move to a stage of 'Adult-Adult' relationships, we will not only need changes in organizational structure but also personal developments in people's awareness that are equally important.


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