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Insight Principles

I have been deeply touched by Bill Fox’s recent linkedin post with the interview he had with Ken Manning, president Insight Principles, Inc. and co-author of Invisible Power: Insight Principles at Work: Everyone's Hidden Inner Capacity.

Reading the interview, reminded me of Sydney banks's The Three Principles and also flashed my memory back to a discussion I had with someone who mentioned of having taken The Three Principles course from Ken Manning and Robin Charbit, commenting that they are two very high conscious people.

Curious to know more about their work, I read their co-authored book with Sandra Krot, “Invisible Power: Insight Principles at Work: Everyone's Hidden Inner Capacity”.

The book contains full of wisdom and insights on how to apply The Insight principles that are derived from Sydney Banks’s The Three principles in organizations.

The Insight principles inspire people to see the below three points.


- Your mind works only one way.

Your thinking creates your experience of reality. No situation, person, or event can make you feel a certain way or make you have a certain experience. You will feel and experience whatever you are thinking in the moment. You experience life from the inside out.

- Your mind has a built-in design for success.

Behind your thoughts and concerns is a fabulous operating system designed for your effectiveness and success in life. When you have less thinking on your mind, your background operating system will bring you clarity and a flow of thoughts(Insights) that will be responsive to your needs or situation. You have insights all the time. Whenever you have new thinking and see something new, you are having an insight.

When an insight occurs within your mind, the world as you know it changes. the change can be subtle or powerful, but either way, your reality shifts. It shifts because your thinking shifts.

- Your life will be more productive, enjoyable, and fulfilling, the more deeply realize living truth of the first two points.


Realizing the principles of how our mind works can significantly change our life in the way we look at ourselves, people around us and how we interact with each other.

It was especially fascinating to read stories of harmony and synergy people create when they understand the Insight principles in organizations. - “When all parties come to a conversation with curiosity and are looking for insight, synergy is likely to happen.”

I think understanding our spiritual nature, and how our human mind works, are what we truly need to solve many problems we face in our society and business organizations.

Sydney Banks said, "Truth is everywhere."

I am seeing more and more people directing organizational changes towards the inner leadership and the inside out paradigm in various ways, and this is where I also came back to after a full circle:

We need the inside out paradigm shift for organizations.


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