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I believe my mission in life is in service, helping people to be awaken from their dreams, and live truly fulfilling lives.

Without realising our true selves, we will not live a life that we meant to live.

I found the ultimate answer that I have been searching for in my spiritual journey in the Three Principles that was uncovered by Sydney Banks. The moment I saw, I knew that was the one. From deep inside my heart, I felt the wisdom.

As my awakening journey continues, I am here to guide others to find their own wisdom.

No one can give away wisdom. A teacher can only lead you to it via words, hoping you will have the courage to look within yourself and find it inside your own consciousness… Beyond the word.


                        ~ Sydney Banks
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Coaching and Mentoring

As a Personal Development and Spiritual Life Coach, I offer my coaching and mentoring services to individuals, groups, organisations and communities via face to face or online sessions.

During the sessions, through the Three Principles of mind, consciousness, thought and my own wisdom, I will guide you to discover your spiritual nature, find your inner wisdom, and realise the simplicity of life, to live an Abundant and Awaken life that is our Original Design.

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