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I believe my mission in life is in service, helping people to be awaken from their dreams, and live truly fulfilling lives.

Without realising our true selves, we will not live a life that we meant to live.

I found the ultimate answer that I had been searching for in my spiritual journey in the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought that were uncovered by Sydney Banks.


The moment I saw, I knew that was the one. From deep inside my heart, I felt the wisdom.

No one can give away wisdom. A teacher can only lead you to it via words, hoping you will have the courage to look within yourself and find it inside your own consciousness… Beyond the word.


                        ~ Sydney Banks
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Transformational Coaching 

Since launching this space, I continued my personal journey as I focused on seeking solutions to tapping into our inner wisdom and the genius within to live a truly fulfilling life that is our original design.

I have been amazed to find so many masters and beautiful souls, specially the wise female teachers in our modern time paving the way for a new paradigm. Some of these inspiring pioneers I learnt from through their insightful programs are Jean Houston, Debra Poneman, Rikka Zimmerman, Marci Shimoff, Sue Morter and Claire Zammit. Their approaches might different but they all inspire us to transcend old masculine power system, trust higher power (quantum power, divine mind, universal intelligence, feminine power) that we can all connect to and take aligned actions to live a fulfilling and miraculous life. I have also discovered an ancient Hawaiian healing practice called Ho'oponopono that is amazing to clean our limiting self that deeply resonated with me.

I have came to two realisations about life:

1. Life is a mirror and reflection of us. Take100% responsibility for everything in your life.

2. We all have golden buddha within us. Life is a journey of uncovering your true self.

As my awakening journey continues, I am here to guide others to find their inner wisdom and golden buddha within, transform themselves from the inside out, to live a truly fulfilling and miraculous life.

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