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Few weeks ago, I joined an webinar called “A NEW PARADIGM ON LEADERSHIP Effortless leading while following your heart” by Institute for Quantum Transformation, the contents were mind-blowing.

“One thing is clearer than ever today: we need a new breed of leaders that are able to sacrifice their ignorance and rise above their own conditioning. A NEW PARADIGM IN LEADERSHIP IS NEEDED, AND A SHIFT IN THE WAY WE LOOK UPON LEADERSHIP IS IMMINENT.

This fundamental shift starts from within, and no exterior administrative solution or process can replace the need for this inner shift.

Future leaders will need to know how to shift their inner sense at will, going from using limited logic for their planning and decision-making to an open and active sensing from the heart. A leader can be born with this ability, but a great leader is forged in the middle of the intensity of life’s events and through the science of the heart.”

Advaitananda Stoian reminded leadership is about inner work, the shift and true transformation comes from inside out, and here are the directions he pointed out.

1. Ability to focus at will - Living in the present time, not in the past or the future.

2. Building autonomous willpower and separating willpower from desire - Following heart and intuition instead of ego in our mind.

3. Control over capacity to love - There is heart laziness. We need to remind ourselves to actively love, remain in love. Leaders love not push.

4. Embracing continuous transformation - Problems are not to be there to solve, but to move us forward. See process of transformation as second nature of leader.

5. Magic action - "All exterior transformation is based and in correlation with inner transformation. “ This principle can be found in ancient indian texts and validated more and more in quantum mechanics. It was also what alchemists were working.

Einstein said, "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

We all have Authentic Inner Leadership within us, it is the time for us to change our paradigm.


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