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Reflection on 2020 and embracing change in 2021

As the visionary Brazilian Entrepreneur Ricardo Semler said in the documentary in 2015, human beings don’t do changes on their own, because change is scary, it takes something much bigger to force us into change.

Individually, when we have wake up calls in our lives, like tragedies, serious illnesses, loss of loved ones, we often change ourselves.

As humanity, 2020 Pandemic was an wake up call for us. As much as we try to stay in the same way to just make it go away and go back to where we were. It wouldn’t just go away unless we make substantial changes, else we solve temporarily and it may come back with something in different forms and even bigger.

We now have the chance to embrace the change, together.

Change, is not just the change outside the box, as Ricardo Semler said in his box people theory. It’s not just the outer social and organizational structure change, or our consumerism life style change, or change in the way we work, the processes and tools we use. Of course, these changes outside box will help and accelerate the change that is called for.

It is the change inside box, us, that is what is called for in this wake up call for humanity.

Change of how we see ourselves, from outwards looking to inwards seeking.

Change of our mindsets and belief systems, from that is fear based to love based.

So are you ready for embracing real change in 2021 and be the part of the changes you want to see in the world?

What are top 3 changes that you would choose for yourself in 2021?

  1. Fear -> Love

  2. Unconscious -> Conscious

  3. Negative -> Positive

  4. Sad -> Happy

  5. Intellect -> Intuition

  6. Knowledge -> Wisdom

  7. Fixed Mindset -> Growth Mindset

  8. Scarcity -> Abundance

  9. Problems -> Opportunities

  10. Unkind -> Kind

  11. Uncaring -> Compassionate

  12. Unforgiving -> Forgiving

  13. Complaining -> Grateful

  14. Taking -> Giving

  15. Rigid -> Agile

  16. Boring -> Fun

  17. Closed -> Open

  18. Win-Lose -> Win-Win

  19. Unimaginative -> Creative

  20. Competition -> Collaboration

  21. Consumerism -> Minimalism

  22. Superficial Connection -> Deep Connection

What else would you add in the list?

My Best Wishes of Happy New Year to Everyone!!

With Gratitude,


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