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Your space

Imagine of you walking on the street or sitting in your office or standing in a room at home. You meet someone who gives you good vibe, and you feel your space expands. Or you are approached by someone who makes you nervous, you feel small and your space shrinks.

What is it? Why is it? What should you do?

Your body is a temple, the space around your body is your aura that is sacred. When you vibrate in a lower frequency, your aura becomes smaller and denser. By contrast, when you feel illuminated, vibrate in higher frequency, your aura becomes bigger and lighter. 

Play attention to your space, and instead of letting your space being affected by the environment and the people around you, decide to take up your space. Just feel the space in your head and see it expands around your body with slow breaths, till you feel the calmness and the spacious space around. 

Next time,

When you walk on the street, walk with your expanded space filled with light and love. Like your are a magnificent being. 

When you sit down, sit with your expanded space filled with light and peace. Like you are a beautiful lotus flower. 

When you stand in a room, stand with your expanded space filled with light and joy. Like you are a majestic blue heron. 

Claim your space, take your space. No matter what. Grace is always with you. 


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