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Awareness is the Key

All the answers lie in awareness. 

I remember seeing this metaphor about Enlightenment. Enlightenment is like you enter in a big warehouse that is completely dark. You look around with a small torch thinking the place is just a small area that you see. Suddenly someone comes in and switches on the lights, and you see the whole bright warehouse around you.

Everything is about awareness.

The difference between infinite and limited is awareness.

The difference between love and fear is awareness.

The difference between abundance and scarcity is awareness.

The difference between awakened and unawakened is awareness.

The difference between light and darkness is awareness.

The difference between your old self and new self is awareness.

It is about how much you aware and where you put your attention to. 

There are infinite possibilities and infinite versions of ourselves exist; When you put your attention to one possibility and observe, that comes alive as your reality, like in Schrödinger's cat.

You have the key to access to everything you want, even your past or yourself in different dimensions.

Expand your awareness everyday, that is the key to change yourself and the world. 🔑☀️🌈


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