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Next management model?

I have been fascinated to watch the beautiful animation video series created by Corporate Rebels on the world’s most pioneering organizations, including Haier, Buurtzorg Nederland, Viisi | Hypotheken.

Not only these videos were so visual and easy to understand, the essence of the progressive management models these organizations built upon are simply beautiful. These organizations are built of atoms (particles and waves), not separated particles like in newtonian management models. They unleash people’s potential and creativity, and let them connect and co-create with each other. At the end of the day, isn’t it how the nature work and how our own body system work?

Corporate Rebels’s article below suggested that Haier’s management model maybe the next management model to follow after Ford’s model (1920, Assembly line), General Motor’s model (1930, Multidivisional firm), Toyota’s model (1960, Lean), Spotify’s model (2010, Agile), which I found very interesting.

Organizations are evolving like us humans. I am also looking forward to see more organizations become more purpose-driven, striving to contribute to regeneration of earth and common good of all humanity, then we will truly co-create a better world.


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