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Greatest Composer and Conductor

I believe all the great things in human world are created by GUS(God, Universe, Spirit…). 

Nothing is purely created, invented or discovered by individuals or groups of human beings alone. 

That include all the works of Geniuses, Great leaders: Mozart, Picasso, Shakespeare, Leonardo Da vinci, Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi… And also Innovative companies: Disney, Apple.. They didn’t do alone, they tapped into the universal intelligence and downloaded their part of music that is god’s work. It’s the beautiful tapestry made by god expressing through humanity.

Through expression, god send us messages and give clues to guide humanity to express our true essence. Together, through the unique keys we each have, we can uncover the mysteries of universe and let the most beautiful tapestry to be unfold.

Disney films are full of imagination and fantasies that we often think they are only for children. But what if there are actually hidden messages and metaphors for the truth? 

What if I say in Aladdin, flying carpet is a metaphor to faster paths, genie is a metaphor to inner power, Jafar is a metaphor to ego that can’t manifest even with inner power?

What if I say in Pinocchio, Pinocchio literally means pine shaped eye(pineal gland), the third eye, that says truth. 

What other films that inspire you for your imagination, new possibilities?

No one is more superior than others.

We all have our unique voice of god. 

Don’t try to be someone else, find your own inner voice, your own music that god want to express through you. 

When everyone play their own unique music, their own genius inside, we will play the most beautiful symphony of all time. 

GUS is greatest conductor make great symphony with whatever music we each play. 

But are you ready now to the most beautiful symphony that GUS want to play through us with your own unique music? 🎶 

We each have the unique music inside us and we are co-creator of this beautiful symphony.

“Don’t Die With Your Music Still In You.”- Wayne Dyer


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