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Who am I?

Everything starts from ‘Who Am I?’.

Am I these boxes that I have created? The experiences I had, the people I know, the roles I play? If not, Who Am I? And Who Are You? And Why Are We Here?

This was the question I had in 2018, which subsequently put me on a quest, a journey of awakening. My spiritual path.

I Am That. That was the answer. And We Are All That. We are not the boxes that we have each created. We are the living trees, flowers, animals, humans, everything that existed, existing, going to exist and beyond.

We are here to express that beauty and abundance through our lives as human beings.

I see the struggles and wastes, I see the sufferings and disbeliefs, I see them through my tender eyes.

I have a dream to change, starting from me. How far can I go? I don’t know. Will you join me?

There is one simple truth in life, behind all the complexity.

There is simple conversation that can solve all, despite of all the techniques.

There is wisdom within us that can teach everything, instead of all the intellectual knowledges.

True teaching is awakening to our true identity.

It all starts from the opening of our hearts, to ourselves and to others.

We are each other’s reflections.

Connecting with our own hearts, we see the power and beauty within us.

Connecting with others with open hearts, we see the power of deep connection and something bigger and magnificent that we are all part of and connected with.

My dream is to see ourselves in the business world and beyond, opening our hearts, aligning with our true selves and truly connecting with each other, and see the solutions to emerge from within in magical ways.

Boxes no longer serve us, however beautifully decorated they can be. We need to start planting magnificent trees, not building artificial boxes.

When we are all connected deeply, like the trees in the forest through soil, fish in the sea through water, truly sensing that we are breathing through the same air, we will be here for Who We Truly Are, together.


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