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My forever questions

Inspired by Bill Fox’s recent newsletter article on asking a few forever questions, “The questions are diamonds we hold in the light. Study a lifetime and you see different colors from the same jewel. - Richard Bach”, I was prompted with my own forever questions, “How can we bring spirituality into organizations, and why would we do it?”

These were the answers came to me.

First, why would we bring spirituality into organizations?

Because spirituality could bring true abundance to organizations. It is the true expression of organizations as living organisms.

What does spirituality mean for organizations?

Spirituality, is knowing who we really are, the wisdom, intuition and power that we have within as individuals and collectives.

Spirituality, is knowing why we are here, the purpose of organizations to exist on the earth.

Spirituality, is knowing what actions to take, actions that are aligned with soul purposes of organizations to fulfil true potential of individuals/organizations.

How can we bring spirituality into organizations?

When we are aware of who we are, and our purposes, we can align ourselves to who we really are as individuals and collectives, and take soul inspired actions that give conditions for everyone to thrive and co-create.

Looking deep into the evolution of organizations, it looks like an evolutionary journey of aligning organizations/individuals to their true selves, and expressing more and more.

The latest stage model, Teal Organizations, in Frederic Laloux's book "Reinventing Organizations", have three characteristics, that are trying to answer three fundamental questions of spirituality in my opinion.

Who are we? (Wholeness)

Why are we here? (Evolutionary purpose)

What actions to take? (Self-management)

We are all perfect beings and have own gifts to shine, only through self managed environment, we can truly thrive and co-create better organizations and a better world.

What were the answers that came to you with these questions?

- “How can we bring spirituality into organizations, and why would we do it?”

Would you like to share "the different color" you see "from the same jewel"?


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