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Life is rhythm

Life is rhythm. Life is music. Can you feel it? 

In music, there are musical notes and space. If there are only notes, no space between, it would be just noise. It is the space that makes music.

Life is like playing different music, with different rhythms, with different people in different orchestras.

In Life,

You meet people, then they leave from your life(or you leave them), that is rhythm of life. It’s like one piece of music came to an end. 

You write to someone, they don’t come back to you immediately. The pause is like rhythm of rests. Leave them to play notes with others and when it is time for rhythm of notes with you, they will come back. 

You want something to happen desperately, and it doesn’t happen. You are meant to play another music that is even better.

… …

Can you hear the rhythm of your life? Enjoy the beats and Love As Is, as wonderful Byron Katie said. 

Space is where the wave is, notes are the particles that we see. Relax and watch the space between with Love, and see Miracles occur.


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