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Life is Choice

We are all given free will that is our gift from God.

Before we came to this world, we made choice to come and chose what we are going to experience and who we are going to meet in our lifetime. 

That is our blueprint, original design. 

After we were born, we have choice how to live in every single moment. We can choose to listen to our inner voice and follow our blueprint to live a joyful and fulfilling life that is our original design or follow our ego mind and take a longer road Home.

We are here to create magic, by following our soul’s path, our blueprint.

We can learn to download our blueprint just like when we first learnt how to use google or google map. Put our question to ask universe and we receive.

Step into your greatness in spite of fear(ego). Go out of your comfort zone. 

“Men says, show me and I’ll trust you.

God says, trust me and I’ll show you.”

Are you ready to trust? Are you ready to let go and let god? ☀️🌸🌈


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