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Kyocera Philosophy

It is becoming clearer that how we each show up and take full responsibility of ourselves in organizations are far more important than any structure, process and tool that we try to adopt in organizations.

In order to have truly sustainable transformation in organizations, we need transformation of individuals and leaders from within.

- We need Individuals start looking within and taking responsibility/leadership of their own life and work, that is aligned with the spirit and purpose of their souls.

- We need Leaders start looking within and aligning themselves more and more to their true selves, and assisting others also in their personal development journey.

I was very inspired by Kyocera Philosophy that was described in Bill Fox in below article on Dr. Kazuo Inamori, Founder of Kyocera and an interview with Nem Bajra, CEO at Calsoft Systems, a company practicing Kyocera philosophy.

The Philosophy sounds so simple yet very powerful.

“The Kyocera Philosophy is a life philosophy that I acquired through experience. Its basis is “living in the right way as a human being.””

‘Living in the right way as a human being’, that is all we need, and deep inside us, we know that.


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