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Is there a role for Spirituality in Organizations?

“Is there a role for Spirituality in Organizations”?

Great presentation by Roger Heuser, Professor of Leadership Studies at Vanguard University in an interview with Quality and Equality Ltd.

In this presentation, Professor Roger Heuser quoted from a groundbreaking book on Workplace spirituality, "Spiritual Audit of Corporate America"(1999):

"Individuals and organizations that perceive themselves "more spiritual"...are more energized because work isn't solely about stock options and vacations and coffee breaks. Spiritual organizations are animated by meaning, wholeness, and seeing their work connected to events and people beyond themselves"

Professor Roger Heuser also categorized workplace spirituality to below three main areas.

"1. bringing the whole person to engage in meaningful work - integrating body, heart, and mind in ways that brings energy, enjoyment and meaning.

2. feeling sense of connectedness - transcendence, relationships, congruency and larger ecosystems.

3. expressed through sacrificial service and social responsibility - making a difference."

In Teal organizations, one of the characteristics is "Wholeness". In my view, above three main areas are what could be developed as the individual expression of "Wholeness" at workplaces.


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