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Evolution of Organizations - 4D Lean Model

What is the evolution of our organizational structure and culture? Where are we in the business world?

To answer this, one of the models I like most is Jim Lippens's 4D Lean Model, it cleverly incorporates Lean/Agile methodologies to the evolution of organizations, that many people working in different industries are familiar with.

Lean(2D) is the system originally used in Toyota Production in Japan that was brought to Western world by ​Norman Bodek - In Memoriam​ in 1980s. Lean is about eliminating the waste in production process.

Agile(3D) is the methodology introduced by a group of pioneering software development practitioners in 2001(Agile manifesto). Agile is about adapting to changes, building what are valuable and self managed teams. Hararda method(3D) is about optimizing skills and talent.

Future Lean/Clean(4D/4D+) is a human centered, balanced culture with higher consciousness and emphasis on heart & intuition.

As far as I see, in 1D-3D, we are fragmented, and focusing on what, when and where, and improving processes. In 4D/4D+, however, we are the whole, and focusing on who and why, and trusting on human potential and co-creation.

According to Jim Lippens, current estimation for each stages are:

0D: 15%

1D: 75%

2D: begin 10% - end 2%

3D: 1%

4D: 0,5%

4D+: 0,05%


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