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A loving father and a playful child

A loving father was showering his child with all the beautiful gifts, gave him everything he wanted and needed, and the child was happy.

One day though, the child got bored, and he asked his father,

"Father, I am bored. I want to create things on my own."

The father gave him a goggle, and said,

"My child, with this goggle, when you think something you want to create, it will become true,

and you will experience exactly what you created. Just as I create everything for you and for this world. "

"But remember," The father continued, "When you create things out of fear, fear and hostility will be what you experience. When you create things out of love, love and joy will be what you experience"

The child went off happily with his new goggle.

What the child did not know, the moment he wore the goggle, he forgot who he really was and the power he has now that he is creating his own reality.

So now, the child was creating life through the goggle exactly as his father said.

One day, he was miserable as he was experiencing horrible things all the time.

Why my life is so miserable? he was asking himself, the feeling he had was very intense.

Desperate, he tried to remember some good feelings, and the magical thing happened. With good feelings, good thoughts came to him, and he experienced good life.

He was grateful for the magical power he had that he now remembered.

And days and years past, he was awakened to a greater realisation. "Oh that was it!", he remembered when he first wearing the goggle that his father gifted him. "I can remove the goggle now, and go back HOME to my father", and the child run back home and was grateful for all the love his father gave him. The loving father greeted the child with open arms and the child lived with his father happy and content.

The one who discover insights are the ones using the goggle to create a conscious and happy life with gratitude and appreciation.

Joy is the enlightened one, removing the goggle altogether and run to his father and thanking him for all his gifts and love.


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