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3 Non hirachical organizational models

Since my last post, I have been interested in understanding the differences of organizational models in 3 pioneering companies, Haier, Buurtzorg Nederland, Viisi | Hypotheken. These models appear to be similar yet different, in each model there seem to be something missing, and I couldn't tell why. I also wanted to know what could be an ideal organizational model truly benefiting individuals and our planet.

The below insightful article by Corporate Rebels arrived in my inbox this morning gave me some answers.

The article stated that these companies are indeed using 3 different organizational models to become 'Middle ManagerLess Organizations'(MMLOs), instead of traditional 'Multi-layered Hirachical Organizations'.

Model 1. Community (Communal Sharing) - Buurtzorg

Model 2. Market (Market Pricing) - Haier

Model 3. Sociocracy (Equality Matching) - Viisi

What these 3 models each reflecting to me are ‘common purpose, service and oneness’, ‘sensibility and creativity’, ‘self reliance and equality’, and I think we need all three to become truly aligned, empowered, creative organizations, to co-create a better world.

I believe also that we need to learn lessons from nature and how our own body system works, truly understand and apply them in our organizational models.


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